Will you move me to the valley?

Todd & I have recently joined Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, and we've been going through the book of Exodus. In general, I've been thinking quite a bit about death & grief, listening to Sufjan Steven's new album (Carrie & Lowell). (Also I'm not always this morbid. Sometimes I'm even inspired by mermaids! I promise!)

Exodus has made me think about death, sin, grief, and mainly, God. How are my emotions so fickle? Why is life fully beauty and fully terror? Why am I in a constant circle? What is most clear to me is that I am human, and God kindly waits for me to cycle back to Him.

The questions that came up as I was trying to name this piece:

God, will you move me to the valley like Moses?

Why don't I trust you to care for me?

Will you walk me home?

Amethyst and flowers on the table, is it real or a fable?

Still haven't decided on a name yet.