My interactions with painting + with art haven't been intentional, at least not at first. I grew up dancing, acting, writing, putting together collages in my best friend's backyard, keeping nature journals, but I never formally took art classes or painted. 

My first taste of fine art was during a few months spent in Italy in college, where I studied art history under one of the top art historians in the world. I fell in love with sculpture, the human form, the way their twisted figures told a story.

My work is very connected to emotion and to relationship. I'm inspired mainly by story + by place. I prefer to do a lot of mental work and reading before I step to the canvas. I don't plan my mark making, I let the paint and marks dictate my next steps. I love to work in multi media layers, sometimes wet on wet,  until the piece is complete. 

I paint in a studio in the heart of Avondale in East Birmingham, Alabama. When I'm not painting, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our pup, Bruce Spring Stone, drinking wine on porches with good friends, and watching all the BBC mini series I can find on Netflix.

I also love commissions! If you're interested in starting a dialogue about a custom piece, please reach out to me via email and we'll get started!


XX, Amy



gallery1930 + SCENE. // Birmingham, Alabama

Buckhead Art Company // Atlanta, Georgia



The Grey District